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The Best Mac mail MBOX to Outlook converter tool!

The sole purpose of penning down this epistle is to caution my fellow users against all the counterfeit products in the market that promise to provide Mac mail MBOX to Outlook conversion solutions. I have personally borne the brunt of testing these random tools and the experience was gruesome to say the least. These are neither worth our money nor our time. Our mails contain precious data and it is imperative that we put the same in the hands of a trusted tool.

Mac Mail MBOX to Outlook Converter Tool

After having spent about a month on vigorously searching for a befitting tool, I came across one that was different from the rest. Mail Extractor Pro is quite unique and comes from a trusted background too. USL software has created this tool and the company is the leading provider of email conversion solutions. There are numerous benefits that I discovered in using this tool to get Mac mail MBOX to Outlook conversions. The next segment discusses them in detail.

mac mail mbox to outlook

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Mac Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, Postbox to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

Discover the all new world of possibilities with Mail Extractor Pro to convert MBOX to PST!

Mail Extractor Pro is a one in a million find. This tool is excellent in its working and the users get to enjoy every second of using it to get Mac mail MBOX to Outlook conversions. Here is a review of the top 5 features that revolutionized the Mac mail MBOX to PST conversion experience for me:

Auto-upload of the data:

The best thing about using this tool is that one is not required to create a mail archive before starting the Mac mail MBOX to Outlook conversion process. The tool gives the users an option to directly upload the content from the default directories which can be later sorted with the amazing filters such as ignore empty folders, etc.

Self-explanatory process:

The whole process is quite vividly displayed on the interface. In order to gain Mac mail MBOX to Outlook conversions, the users have to follow simple instruction. Rarely would the users face any trouble in understanding the same. And to address such situations, this tool offers 24*7 customer support anyway!

Converts everything:

Mail Extractor Pro is such a high rated tool because it is brilliant in its performance. The tool practically converts each and every element from Mac mail MBOX to Outlook. It even safeguards the folder hierarchy structure in the converted files.

Swift conversions:

The process gets completely very quickly. The users are not required to wait for long hours to watch their files get ruined like they do in case of ordinary tools.

Try before investing:

If you don’t wish to take my word for it then there is another way around too. This tool offers an entirely free trial version to the users to try out this tool before they invest into the full version. Although, the full version is quite affordable too, but free is always more enticing.

Try Now at

mac mail mbox to outlook converter

Download your copy and have fun converting Mac mail MBOX to Outlook the way I had!

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